I love to make all types of things. Rather than focusing on a specific craft, I love drawing inspiration from different types of materials, motifs I see around me in the real world or on the internet, and the interests of the person I'm crafting for. Making provides me with a creative outlet to release stress from other parts of life and enables me to customize the things I make to my personal tastes. I usually spend days on each project, from the design to the execution. These area few of the projects I've worked on in the past.

CS 448M

In Spring 2019, I was the course assistant for CS448M "Making Making Machines for Makers". CS448M was an project-based course which walked students through systems and processes for making things using computer-aided design and manufacturing, and provided an introduction to machines and machine tools. The class culminated in a final project where students worked in teams to design and build a custom machine that makes or assists in making some craft of the team’s choice.