About Me

I am currently a research apprentice in the Creative Intelligence Lab at Adobe Systems, where I am primarily advised by Wilmot Li and formerly David Salesin. My role at Adobe is akin to a computer science PhD student. My research interests are at the intersection of computer graphics and human-computer interaction (HCI). More specifically, my work focuses on leveraging technology in conjunction with HCI principles to improve various video capture and editing workflows. Before coming to Adobe, I received my M.S. and B.S. in computer science from Stanford University in 2015. Maneesh Agrawala and Pat Hanrahan supervised my research at Stanford.

Outside of research, I enjoy crafting and am passionate about Asian American Issues. During my time as an undergrad, I served on and eventually co-led the organizing committee for Listen to the Silence, Stanford's annual Asian American issues conference which draws attendees from all over the country.